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By Michael Lyon


Sushi standoff here. 


Tragic day, Michael Jackson dies. Here. 


Depeche Mode's "Sounds Of The Universe" reviewed here. 


Graduating today. New story in the Creative Writings Archive. Site soon to blow up, now that summer is here. 

Looking forward to the possibility of a Mr. Thomas speech tonight at graduation. I think that I'm going to bring in a recorder and attempt to capture some of his brilliance. Should I be successful, the speech will appear here. Moving to Texas tomorrow, can't wait. 


A new post about my Sasquatch experience, found here. I'm so tired, so, so tired. 


Today we have an update from Hanna Miller in the Creative Writing Archive. It is a subtle piece that has under tones in religion and feminism. Think of it what you may, but I find it to be a fine work of writing.

The long, slow grind towards the end of the year continues.


Today we have, at last, an update on Conversation's Between M. Thomas and M. Lyon. If I were to suggest anything to do with your time on this site, it would be to read M. Thomas's poem "An Open Book"

Also posted is a creative piece written by myself. It can be found in the Creative Writing Archive. 


Today we have a new poem written by Senior Kate Takata about the last year of high school. It is a great poem, and everyone should check it out in the Poetry Archive. 

Back in Oregon, and glad to see the weather has been behaving. 


Today we have a new post in a new section dedicated to Non-Fiction. Yolande Gendron, whom I'm sure most of you know well, wrote a terrific piece that is now posted here

Still in Texas, and enjoying the sun. The Kindergarten reunion was incredible, and I expect to give a full summary in the near future. Still working on updating the poetry, just extremely busy running around Austin. 


A new poem today in the Poetry Archive. A short, sweet poem on love. I am currently posting from the great state of Texas, where I will be attending a kindergarten reunion tomorrow. More on that adventure tomorrow. 

I also just learned that Manny Ramirez, easily one of my favorite baseball players, was caught using steroids. To shed light on a darkening scene, the steroid was not a human growth hormone typically associated with bulking up, but rather some kind of female stimulant drug used to reset the bodies hormonal level. Ramirez claimed to be unaware of taking the steroid, but that is often times the reaction when a player gets caught. A sad day for baseball, and a sad day for one of my favorite players. 


As some of you are aware, I am writing a story on a five year stretch of the life of Matthew Thomas, a close friend of Mr. Innes's. Seeing how I have never met Mr. Thomas, I was forced to contact him via email. Naturally, we conversed through poetry. The result was far better than what I expected, and the genius of the man shined brightly in this form of communication. The Poetry Archive contains the conversations between M. Lyon and M. Thomas.